"At Momolato, our high quality, artisanal gelato and popsicles are churned fresh from our laboratory. We prepare our gelato in accordance to classic Italian methodologies. Our commitment to our customers is simple – we would only offer you gelato and popsicles made using premium, fresh, and honest ingredients. If need be, we would source and import essential ingredients from various parts of the globe."

− Momolato

The Momolato Brand

At Momolato, we like to keep it pure and honest. We aim to bring you the taste of authentic, fresh, homemade Italian gelato made only with fresh milk, premium and quality local and imported ingredients. We serve you pure sorbets on sticks as an alternative option for the lactose-intolerant and the health-conscious.

Italian gelato does not contain as much overrun (less air) as ice cream. This means with every spoonful of gelato, your taste buds are titillated with a more robust flavour experience. With significantly less fat then ice cream, eating an Italian gelato is almost guilt-free.

You don’t have to be an Italian to make authentic, honest gelato…

Momolato’s chief gelato artist fell in love with gelato during one of her stays in Florence. What started as a trip to hone her baking and patisserie skills at the Apicius School of Hospitality ended with an eventual determination to master the art frozen desserts. She set her mind to perfect the craft of making authentic Italian gelato.

Upon her next return to the Emilia-Romagna Region in Italy, she received training under gelato maestros Lucianno Ferrari and Stephano Acquino, and received certification by the Gelato University of Carpigiani.

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